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internal family systems

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Internal family SYSTEMS sessions    in English and in dutch. either in person or online

In therapy, we allow ourselves a place to observe what is going on. What makes daily life complicated and what do we keep getting caught up in? What needs to be addressed so we can feel more free in ourselves and in our relationships? Aware of our own boundaries and those of others. You are welcome to explore with me what your inner system is telling you and what it needs to become more balanced.





– Boswijk Institute – Transpersonal therapy 

– Con Amore – Basic psychosocial/medical knowledge.

– Institute for Psychodrama – Helping men who were         sexually abused as boys.

– Elly te Brake – Systemic Work for Professionals

– Wilfried Nelles – Life Integration Process

– Center for Realization – Inner Voices, Inner                         Guidance 1-2-3, Internal Family Systems Training 

– Life Architect – Internal Family Systems Level 1                 Training



Roeland van Niele:

I have been working as a Therapist since 2013 and previously worked as a musician, coach, trainer and consultant in the business world. I followed my initial therapy training at the Boswijk Institute. The work and views of Riekje Boswijk, Richard Schwartz and Bert Hellinger have had a great influence on me. From each of them them I learned to trust the self-healing capacity of every person.

Roeland van Niele portret

Internal Family Systems

What if there was nothing wrong with you, me or any of us? What would it be like to discover that our negative patterns, our major or minor addictions, our sense of feeling unfree and our survival strategies can transform? The first step then is to listen to what they want to tell us.

Practical Information

Currently I have space in my practice for new clients. To make or change an appointment please call or send me a message. My practice is located in the center of Nijmegen. We can also meet on Zoom