Roeland van Niele

internal family systems

Roeland van Niele

Who am I


As a child, I saw that in many adults in the village where I lived, “something was a little off.” What that was exactly I did not know. But what they said and what they did differed. This often made me feel not really at home with them and made me assume the role of a spectator. Once when I brought this up in a session with the therapist Wilfried Nelles, his response was “that has been a very good preparation for your role as therapist.” Without discounting the child’s grief, this gave a whole new perspective on how I became who I am today. It pointed me in a direction and also confirmed one of my main principles in therapy: “When you free the burden that a child has taken on, its true qualities are allowed to appear”.

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Work and Education

 I have been working as a therapist since 2013 and before that worked as a musician, coach, trainer and business consultant. I did my initial therapy training at the Boswijk Institute. I have also taken training in the areas of Sexual Abuse, Systemic Work, Family Constelations, Life Integration Process and Voice Dialogue. I was introduced to Internal family Systems in the early 2020’s and completed my first IFS training in 2022. Since then I enrolled in several IFS workshops and completed the IFS Level 1 training.